Happy Graduation Day !


On October 23rd, 2020, the students of the MSc Engineers for Smart Cities gathered one last time at IMREDD as students to receive their very-well deserved diplomas.

The graduation ceremony was held for the first time in IMREDD’s new premises within its Learning Centre, in the presence of the IMREDD Director, Prof. Pierre-Jean BARRE, the Director of the MSc, Prof. Matteo CAGLIONI and the International Admissions team, Mrs Arianna CALZA and Mrs Aurélie MOUËLLLIC.

The ceremony was followed by a convivial meal with former and new students from the MSc Engineers for Smart Cities and the afternoon was dedicated to Dr Vanessa MARCIE’s conference on humour and more specifically on how to use humour when networking and the various aspects of humour in business. Thank you again to LEADING WITH HUMOUR

This ceremony marks the end of your IMREDD Chapter and marks for many of you the beginning of their career or their journey with a new direction and great professional and personal opportunities.

You can be proud of you for the many hours of tireless work to reach your goal.

We are sure it is only the first of many proud, successful moments for you, Congrats again !