IMPACT module: major risk awareness for students

This Monday, November 4, Université Côte d’Azur and the Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Fire and Rescue Service organized for the second consecutive year at IMREDD a multi-risk integration sequence called “IMPACT” for the benefit of more 130 students from 8 training courses participating in IMREDD Workshops, including the M. Sc. Engineers for Smart Cities.

The objective of this exercise is to anticipate the challenges of global warming and ecological transition on the development dynamics of the Plaine du Var. Students designed and managed major crises in 16 exercises supervised by firefighters, gendarmes and police officers as well as university research professors.

The IMPACT module (“Immediate Management Planning ACTion”), designed by Lieutenant-Colonel Frédéric Castagnola, Head of the Citizenship functional group of SDIS 06, is a dynamic of exercises on the table and multi-risk situations for all audiences. Lasting 3 hours, it awakens the participants in the risk assessment of their territory and quickly urges them to plan to act in the best possible way in exceptional crises and emergencies.

The IMPACT module is part of the transdisciplinary workshops of IMREDD. It consists of confronting students from 8 distinct disciplinary courses with the risks of their territory in order to assess the impact of climate change on the development dynamics of the Plaine du Var.

Watch below the report from France 3 Côte d´Azur broadcast on November 5, 2019.