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Smart and Sustainable Cities

This module delves into the dynamic intersection of smart cities, sustainability, and climate action. With an emphasis on real-world case studies, field visits, and presentations, students will grasp the intricate web of sustainability-related issues and innovative solutions.

40h Study Hours



Introduction to Sustainable Development: The module gives a glimpse of the evolution of sustainable development in urban areas, exploring how the concept has evolved and how it is understood from societal, economic and environmental perspectives.

Understanding the SDGs: Students will gain insights into the different dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their interconnectedness, encouraging them to consider how these global objectives apply at local and individual levels.

Real Case Studies: The course features a range of international, national, and local case studies. Students will analyze the contextual factors and the impacts of these projects.

Local Strategies: Students will have the opportunity to examine sustainable development strategies implemented by local authorities in the municipality of Nice, renowned as a global smart city.

Focus on Climate Action: The module places a special emphasis on SDG 13, addressing climate action. Through interactive exercises based on IPCC reports, students will comprehend the systemic issues, causes, and consequences of climate change. They will explore both mitigation and adaptation strategies applied at the city and regional levels.


Upon completing this module, students will:

Understand Global Transitions: Appraise the major environmental, economic, and social transitions cities face in the context of Sustainable Development Goals.

Analyze Real Case Studies: Analyze a variety of sustainable city projects from developed and developing countries, recognizing the complexities of their implementations.

Climate Change Literacy: Grasp the systemic challenges of climate change in urban context and critically evaluate cities’ climate strategies.