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Innovation Management

This module is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, design, and implement effective business models in the context of smart cities. It delves into the complexities of business model innovation, examining its origins and consequences.

40 study hours


Business and Innovation Challenges for Smart Cities: This section sets the stage by lighting up the challenges that smart cities face in the realm of business and innovation. Students gain insights into the complex urban environment in which innovation management takes place.

Business Model for Smart Cities: A core component, this section explores the intricacies of designing business models tailored to the unique needs.

City Model Canvas (CMS), a practical tool for mapping out smart city innovations and business models. It facilitates a comprehensive understanding of how to design and implement innovative solutions.

Communication and Campaign Design Principles: Effective communication and campaign design are essential in promoting smart city innovations. Students gain expertise in these areas to drive public awareness and acceptance.

Financing Smart City Projects: A critical aspect of innovation management, this section examines the various financing options and strategies available for smart city projects, ensuring the feasibility of innovative ideas.
Socially Responsible Investment: This section delves into the concept of socially responsible investment, exploring how ethical and sustainable practices can be integrated into smart city innovation and business models.


Upon completing this module, students will:

Business Model Proficiency: Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to design and implement effective business models tailored to the complex environment of smart cities.

Understand Innovation Implications: Gain a deep understanding of the antecedents and consequences of business model innovation, particularly in the context of smart cities.

Strategic Decision-Making: Learn how business model innovation influences strategic decision-making processes within the context of smart cities.

Consumer Adoption and Acceptability: Understand the implications for consumer adoption and acceptability of innovative smart city solutions, ensuring that these innovations are embraced by the community.
Geographical and Entrepreneurial Insights: Explore the relationship between innovation, geographical location, and the cultivation of entrepreneurship, gaining insights into how innovation can spawn entrepreneurial activity within smart cities.